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Thank you for visiting RuFeltOnline

For us, RUFELT Project organizers, this is an opportunity to share with you the knowledge we have, but mostly to spread Russian Felt techniques and methods throughout the world and we hope, we will have a long and productive relationship.


There two of us: Nina Demidova (Moscow, Russia) and Emilia Ponomarev (Boulder, CO, USA). We are both Russian and though we live and create our art in two different countries, we know each other for quite some time and it was felt that united us. In more than 10 years that we design and create art of felt it turned from just a hobby to a true passion.


Nina teaches in her studio and online, develops new felting methods and is a chief editor of a Felt Fashion (Russia) Magazine. In 2017 she was awarded a Teacher of the Year title by Russian felting Community.


Emilia works with various felt shapes, develops new felting techniques, participates in domestic and international art projects and exhibitions, and teaches private and group classes in her studio.  In 2016 her artistic garment was awarded a Champion Ribbon at Taos Wool Market Completion.

The foundation of this project is Nina’s ideas and works that were used in a similar project in Russia.


As more and more felt lovers from overseas were asking for classes in English, the idea of an international project with classes readily available to international felting community was became an inevitable reality.


All the classes that you will see going forward were reworked and updated based on multiyear teaching and creative experience and now we proudly present them to you.


Felt is multiverse, so the classes are plenty, and what most important, you are paying nothing for having access.

As long as you keep your free subscription current you will see more new classes.


Additionally, as a subscriber you will have an opportunity to buy video workshops (covering important topics for beginners as well complex projects for advance felt makers) with significant discount. They will be saturated with wide array of information and practical applications for a specific item.


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