We use Teachable Platform to provide access to felting video classes. 

To access online classes all you have to do is to create a free Teachable Student Account to have unlimited convenient and secure access to all video classes you subscribe to (both free and paid).

Click the link below to access our online classes at Teachable:

Video Classes Currently Available Online


Free Video Courses

Felting from Scratch

- Tools
- Supplies

- Quality Criteria

- Wool Reinforcement

- Eyeglasses Holder with Decoration

Experimenting with 

- Household Items

- Technical Fibers & Threads

- Cotton Batting & Cheese Cloth

- Silk Hankies

Paid Video courses

- 3 Steps to Mastery (3 videos)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques (7 videos)

- Wooly Links

- Iris Nuno Scarf

- Hooded Scarf

- Hat on Oval resist

- Christmas Tree on Book resist

- Tunic Cathedral Windows

- Hat Transformer

- Art Vest Transformer

-  A Garment over Weekend  - Webinars Series (recordings)

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