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Video Classes Currently Available Online


Free Video Courses

Felting from Scratch

- Tools
- Supplies and Materials

- Quality Criteria

- Wool Reinforcement

Eyeglasses Holder with Decoration

Experimenting with 

Household Items

Technical Fibers & Threads

Cotton Batting & Cheese Cloth

- Silk Hankies

- Coasters

- Iris Nuno Scarf

- Cute Braid Necklace

- Mittens Happily Forever

- Wooly Links

Paid Video courses

​- 3 Steps to Mastery (3 videos) + free class  Velvet Lacy Bracelet


- 3 steps to Mastery Main Wool Layout Technique (1 video)

- 3 steps to Mastery Main Felting Techniques (1 video)

- 3 steps to Mastery Secrets of Straight Edge (1 video)


- 7 Main Decorative Techniques (7 videos)


- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Nuno Felting (1 video)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Nunoinclusions (1 video)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Lacy Wool (1 video)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Honeycomb (1 video)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Felting with Resists (1 video)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Yarn Decoration (1 video)

- 7 Main Decorative Techniques Fibers Decoration (1 video)


- Bolero "Borella"

- Hat on Oval Resist

- Hooded Scarf

- Art Vest Transformer

- Art-Cessory Scarf

- Cape Indian Summer

- 7 Wonders of the Wool

- Cape "He Loves Me..."

- Lantern

- Beads and Balls

- Hat Transformer

- Socks on 3D Oval Resist

- Seashell on Complex Resist

Seashell on Flat Resist

- Sphere on Flat Resist

- Star Anise on Book Resist

- Art Objects on 2-Level Book Resist

- 3D Fossil & Spiral Shell

- 3D Fossil on Square Resist

- 3D Spiral Shell on Triangle Resist

- Buttons & Pins

​- Christmas Tree on Book Resist

Shoulder Shrug Fortune Cookie

Webinars Series (recordings)


Sea Shell


A Garment over Weekend

- Lacy Top

- Bell Shaped Jumper

- Scarf Necklace

- Tunic Cathedral Windows

- Skirt